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Divinity Research Resources: Books & Call Numbers

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Library of Congress Call Numbers-Religion

The Library of Congress Call Numbers for Religion are concentrated in the "B" section. Books are shelved by subject, so it can be useful to go to the general call number area you are interested in and browse the shelves in that area to locate books on your topic.

The "B" classification is divided into the following areas:




BJ-Ethics (see also R724-725-Medical Ethics, Bioethics)

BL-Religions, Mythology


BP-Islam, Baha'i, Theosophy


BS-The Bible

     BS701-1830-Old Testament (divided by book, see chart below)

     BS1901-2970-New Testament (divided by book, see chart below)

BT-Christianity-Doctrinal Theology


BV-Christianity-Practical Theology


BX-Christian Denominations


A more complete list can be found at The Library of Congress.

All of these call numbers are located on Wilson 1.

Call Numbers by Biblical Book

Here are the specific call numbers for the individual books of the Bible.  All books with these call numbers will be located on Wilson 1.

Other useful call numbers

D- General World History (Wilson 1-all D call numbers)

DA- Great Britain

DC- France

DD- Germany

DE- Greco-Roman World

DF- Greece

DG- Italy

DS- Asia

    DS101-151- Israel, Palestine

DT- Africa

E- History of the Americas, United States (Reynolds 7)

PA- Greek and Latin Language and Literature (Reynolds 5)

PJ- Hebrew Language and Literature (Reynolds 5)

PR- British (UK) Literature (Reynolds 3)

PS- United States Literature (Reynolds 3)

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