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Divinity Research Resources: Journals

Finding Journals

Use the journals tab on the library homepage to see if we have a subscription to a particular journal and what our access or availability is. 

If you search for Journal of Religion you will see links to four options/ways of access:

  1. 1921 to 10/01/2014 in JSTOR: we generally have online access to a journal through JSTOR from the first issue until about 4-8 years ago
  2. 07/01/1990 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Premier: we have access through an agreement with another provider
  3. 01/01/2004 to present in University of Chicago Press Journals: we have access through the publisher's website both to back issues and the most recent issues of the journal
  4. Z. Smith Reynolds Library Print Holdings: this will list the print issues we received of the journal and will give you the call number and location where they are shelved.  This may be in our Main Stacks (with the regular books), or, as in this case, in our off-site storage facility, where volumes 85-86 (2005-2006) are housed.  If you need a particular volume from off-site storage to be delivered to the library, there will be a link to request that volume, and it will usually be delivered in less than 24 hours.  You can also request that an individual article be scanned and delivered via email.

When you click on one of the links above, JSTOR, for example, you will go to the "homepage" for the journal.  You will see information about the publisher, frequency of publication, and a list of years or volumes available online.  You can either navigate to the appropriate year/volume for the article you need, or there is usually a way to search within that specific journal. 

Theological Journals Search

This Theological Journals Search searches several hundred open-access (free) online journals.  Learn more about it and see a title list of the journals included here.

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