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ZSR Library

ZSR Communications Portal: Requests for Marketing & Promotion

A guide for ZSR faculty and staff to assist with the development of print and web communications used to engage with our many audiences, internal and external to the University, and provide strategic direction for all ZSR communications efforts.

Digital Display Requests

Request space on the ZSR Library's digital signs to promote events from student organizations and other WFU groups. 

ZSR Digital Sign Request

All requests are reviewed and are subject to denial if inappropriate or unsuitable.

Exhibit Display Space Proposal

Proposal to use the exhibit display is reviewed by The Exhibition Review Committee. 

ZSR Library Exhibit Display Proposal

All requests are reviewed and are subject to denial if inappropriate or unsuitable.

ZSR Marketing and Branding Guidelines

Branding requirements for social media requests: 

Required color palette: 

  • Old Gold HEX9E7E38
  • Black: HEX000000

Colors outside of these two colors must remain similar and can be used as additional colors. (Cannot be red, pink, purple, blue, green, etc. Yellow and shades of orange are okay. If it isn't close to gold, it is not an approved color.) 

Fonts: (No required font, only guidelines.)

  • Must be easily readable. 
  • Fonts you cannot use: Calligraphy/Signature fonts, ComicSans.


It is preferred that you allow the Communications Coordinator, Daisha Bunn ( create your social media posts. If you have a strong desire to make your post, please ensure that your creation meets the requirements above. If you want your post shared from an account that is not ZSR, tag ZSR in your post, and we would be more than happy to share it. 

Request Social Media Post HERE



ZSR reserves the right to review all requests and to deny material deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for our communications channels.

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