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ZSR Library

ZSR Communications Portal: Listservs and how to use them

A guide for ZSR faculty and staff to assist with the development of print and web communications used to engage with our many audiences, internal and external to the University, and provide strategic direction for all ZSR communications efforts.

Library listservs

ZSR Library: (managed by Renee)

  • Library-wide (current faculty and staff employed in ZSR)
  • When to use: Information exchange (casual and formal) includes timely information about what's happening in the building (events, leaks, cake in the staff lounge, etc.), recommendations and advice from colleagues (roofers, dentists, and other happenings), community and personal events and happenings (classes you're teaching, fun events you hear about), ....

ZSR Librarians (managed by Librarians's Assembly Secretary)

  • Library faculty
  • Librarians' Assembly communications
  • Includes things like LA agenda, faculty service events (Commencement), LA Committee reports, LA election results

ZSR Student supervisors: (managed by Renee)

  • Communications regarding student supervision, pizza party, Federal Work Study, Hiring fair

ZSR Liaisons: (managed by Carol)

  • communicates directly with faculty and staff that serve as liaisons



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