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APA 6th ed. Style Guide: Web Sources & Multimedia

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Web Sources:

Web page

Entire Web Site

Online Forum or Discussion Board Posting

Audiovisual Media:

Streaming Video (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo)

Motion Picture retrieved online

Episode in a television series retrieved online

Music recording, single track on an album

Work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photograph, or other medium)

Blogs and Social Media:

Blog Post

Blog comment

Twitter update or tweet

Facebook page or note

Facebook status update

For more electronic media examples, please refer to the APA Style Guide to Electronic References.

Sample Citations - Web Sources

Web Page/Article on a Web Page



NOTE: Include the name of the website to which the message was posted in the retrieval statement, if this information is not part of the URL: Retrieved from Site Name website: http://xxxxxx

Web Page/Article on a Web Page (no author)



Newspaper Article Published Online (Not Accessed Through a Database)


*See Newspapers section for more information.

Online Forum or Discussion Board Posting



Tanis, D. (2017, October 27). A warming curry for fall [Blog post]. Retrieved October 31, 2017, from

Book Accessed Online, Also Published in Print

Government Document Accessed Online, Also Available in Print



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