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APA 6th ed. Style Guide: Multimedia

APA Handbook

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See the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th editon, for detailed information about citing television broadcasts, sound recordings, live performances, maps, CD-ROMs, etc.

Film or DVD

Film or DVD

For film or motion pictures use this format:

Producer, A.A. (Producer), & Director, B.B. (Director). (Year). Title of motion picture [Motion Picture]. Country of Orgin: Studio

For a music recording use this format:

Writer, A. (Copyright year). Title of song [Recorded by B.B. Artist if different from writer] On Title of album [Medium of recording: CD, record, cassette, etc.] Location: Label. (Date of recordign if different from song copyright date)


Marrs, A. (Producer), & Ferguson, C. (Director) . (2011). Inside job [Documentary]. United States: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


Image or Photograph

Image, Photograph, and other Visual Art

Essential Elements:

  • Name of artist (if available)
  • Title of work (italicized)
  • Date of composition (if unavailable, use "n.d.")
  • Medium of composition
  • Name of institution, repository, or collection that houses the work

Example (Print):

 Blommér. N. (Painter). (1850). Ängsälvor (Medow elves) [Oil on canvas]


Example (Accessed Through a Database):

 Hill, D. O. (Painter) &  Adamson, R. (Photographer) (c. 1846). The Fairy Tree at Colinton [salted paper print from paper negative]. Retrieved April 14, 2011 from

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