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Theatre Research Resources: Books

Using the Online Catalog

The library has almost 2 million books, e-books, microtexts, films and government documents.  The online catalog is the best way to locate the resources you need.

Basic Search

Use the basic search screen when you have a simple search, such as the name of an playwright (shakespeare) or a topic (renaissance theatre).  You can use the options on the right side of the results screen to narrow by format (book, ebook or DVD) or location (ZSR Main Stacks or Venice).

Advanced Search

Use the advanced search screen when you have a more complex search, or when there are multiple search terms for what you are looking for.  If you were looking for information on renaissance theatre in England, you could use the following terms:

renaissance AND theatre AND england


renaissance AND theat* AND (england OR britain)


With the first search you will get about 43 results.  For the second search you will get about 143 results.  If you shorten your search terms and add an "*" as well as combine variations, you will increase the number of results you get back.  Rather than just searching for "theatre," if you search for "theat*" you would also get "theatre," "theater," "theatres," "theatrical," and "theatrics."  In the last box, because "England" and "Britain" are variations and you want either term in your results, you can place an "OR" in between them, which indicates that either term is acceptable.  In this case, you could also add "British" or abbreviate it to "Brit*."



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