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Theatre Research Resources: Reference Resources

Reference Resources

Use Reference Resources to get background information on a play, actor, playwright, theme or terminology. Many of these sources include bibliographies which list additional books and journal articles that would be useful for further research on the topic.

Reference materials are available in three locations:

  • the Reference Department on Wilson 4 (REF call numbers)
  • in the Main Stacks (regular call number)
  • online (ebook or link)

The resources below are divided up into these categories:

  • General and international theatre reference resources
  • American and British theatre reference resources
  • Historical and cultural reference resources
  • Literary criticism series

General and International Theatre Reference Resources

Historical & Cultural Reference Sources

These general historical resources will have articles on specific playwrights as well as on genres of performance common during the period or in the region covered (mystery plays, sacred drama, etc...).  Look for these general articles by searching the terms theater/re, drama, or tragedy.  

Literary Criticism Series

The Gale Literature collection contains the full text of over a dozen literary criticism series, as well as other literary reference sources and journal articles.  These series include excellent biographies, work overviews, and synopses which will help orient you during your study of a particular play, playwright, or time period.

  • Children's Literature Review
  • Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (CMLC)
  • Contemporary Authors (CA)
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC)
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB)
  • Drama Criticism (DC)
  • Literature Criticism from 1400-1800 (LC)
  • Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism (NCLC)
  • Poetry Criticism (PC)
  • Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC)
  • Shakespearean Criticism (SC)
  • Short Story Criticism (SSC)

American & British Theatre Reference Resources