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Theatre Research Resources: Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Most Theatre books have a Library of Congress call number in the PN section on Reynolds 5, though playscripts and some historical studies will be shelved in their respective literature sections (PA for Greek & Latin, PQ for French, Spanish & Italian, PR for British, PS for American). Some call number sections to look at include:

  • PA3050-4505 - Greek Literature
    • PA4413-4434-Sophocles
  • PN1530 - The Monologue
  • PN1551 - The Dialogue
  • PN1600-1989 - Drama-Theatrical
  • PN2000-3307 - Dramatic Representation. The Theatre
  • PR621-739 - History of English Literature. Drama
  • PS330-352 - History of American Literature. Drama

Each book record in the online catalog also contains Library of Congress Subject Headings, which can help you locate books on a similar topic. Click on the subject heading in the online catalog to go to a list of books that share that subject heading. Some examples are:

The names of individual playwrights, actors, plays and theatres are also included as subject headings: