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Humanities Research: Sources and Strategies: Journals

Tips for Journals

Identifying core journals in your discipline or subject area:

  • Journal titles you see repeatedly as you search databases, etc.
  • Library catalogs: subject search "[Discipline or subject] Periodicals"
  • Metasites
  • Research guides to the discipline (see examples listed on this guide's homepage)
  • Scholarly associations often publish journals
  • Databases: "Browse journals" or "Publications" link
  • Ask your professors
  • ZSR Library "Find a Journal" page, "Subject Browse" option


How to tell scholarly journals from popular journals:


Locating journals in ZSR:

  • See our "Journals" page.


"Open Access" journals:

  • See "Resources" below.


Special features of journals:

  • Theme issues, special issues
  • Conference information
  • Book reviews
  • Advertising
  • Editorial/association information
  • Where it is indexed
  • Apparatus (submission process, author information, editorial board)


Article features:

  • Length at least 8-10 pages
  • Abstract
  • Author name and affiliation
  • Bibliography
  • Journal/publication
  • Scholarly tone, specialized terminology of the field

Journals: Resources

Mindmap: Humanities Literature: How it's Published


Open Access resources:


Cornell University Library guide to scholarly journals

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