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MLA 7th ed. Style Guide: Business Resources

Selected guide from the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition.

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Analyst Reports
Company Reports

Industry Reports
Market Research Reports / Mintel Reports

SEC Filings
(Includes Annual Reports)

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Sample Citations- Business Resources

Because the MLA Style Manual does not provide examples for every single type of resource, 
some of the examples below have been adapted to suit MLA style guidelines.


Analyst Reports


Report on web cited with print publication:

Print report:


Annual Reports


Report retrieved from website:



Print Report:


Report via database:



The following citation refers to information owned by database vendors and other information providers.  When you cite information from databases, remember to mention both the copyright holder/owner of the information and provider that made it available.

Government Documents

If known, the name of the document's author may either begin the entry or, if the agency comes first, follow the title and the word By or an abbreviation (such as Ed. or Comp.).

Federal Publication online:


Name of author listed first:


Market Research Reports


Report via database:



Give the name of the writer of the memo, a description of the memo that includes the recipient, the date of the document, and the medium of delivery.  Any title of the memo should be enclosed in quotation marks and placed immediately after the writer's name.  Include the form of the material-- MS for manuscript (work written by hand), TS for typescript (work prepared by machine).

Mintel Reports

Press Releases

When you document a press release, cite the day and month of the release, if available, along with the year.


SEC Filings


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