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MLA 7th ed. Style Guide: Multimedia

Selected guide from the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Seventh Edition.

MLA Handbook

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See the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th edition, for detailed information about citing television broadcasts, sound recordings, live performances, maps, CD-ROMs, etc.

Film or DVD

Film or DVD

Essential Elements:

  • Title of film
  • Director's name
  • Year of orginal release
  • Distributor
  • Year of current release
  • Format (DVD, VHS, etc.)


Glory. Dir. Edward Zwick. 1989. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, 2005. DVD.

You may also list the names of other primary contributers (such as actors, producers, writers, etc.) after the director's name if those aspects of the film are mentioned in your paper. (See the MLA Handbook, pp. 197-198 for detailed information.)

Image or Photograph

Image, Photograph, and other Visual Art

Essential Elements:

  • Name of artist (if available)
  • Title of work (italicized)
  • Date of composition (if unavailable, use "n.d.")
  • Medium of composition
  • Name of institution, repository, or collection that houses the work
  • Location of housing institution (City)

If accessed online, include the following information as well:

  • Title of Database (italicized)
  • Medium of publication (Web)
  • Date of access

Example (Print):

Warhol, Andy. Photobooth Self-Portrait. ca. 1963. Photograph. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.


Example (Accessed Through a Database):

Poussin, Nicolas. Dance to the Music of Time. 1638-40. Oil on canvas. Wallace Collection, London. ARTstor. Web. 8 Sep. 2009.

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