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Dance History Research Resources: Finding Books

Call Numbers & Subject Headings

Dance materials are concentrated on Reynolds 7, at GV1580-1799.4. This section is divided by history, type of dance, and dancer's name.  Three examples of these call number sections are:

  • GV1621-1641 - Dancing-History-Americas
  • GV1787 - Theatrical Dancing, Ballet
  • GV1785 G7 - Graham, Martha

Other subject areas to consider are:

  • GN - Anthropology and Ethnography
  • GT - Manners and Customs
  • ML3400+ - Music and Dance
  • RC489 D3 - Dance Therapy
  • TR817.5+ - Dance Photography

Each book record in the online catalog also contains Library of Congress Subject Headings, which can help you locate books on a similar topic. Click on the subject heading in the online catalog to go to a list of books that share that subject heading. Some examples of subject headings include:

  • Dance History
  • Dance United States History
  • Ballet dancing
  • Ballet history
  • Ballet United States
  • Jazz dance
  • Afro Americans Dancing History
  • Afro-American dance
  • Modern dance
  • Modern dance history

The names of individual dances, dancers, choreographers or companies are also included as subject headings:

  • American Ballet Theatre
  • Flamenco
  • Cunningham, Merce
  • Diaghilev, Serge

Finding Books

Scholarly Books

You will find many scholarly books and ebooks on dance topics in the library catalog.  For some examples, see the results of this search

To search for titles in the library catalog, make sure you have selected "Libary Catalog" as shown below.  Use an asterisk (*) at the end of a root word to find multiple endings: 

  • danc*=dance, dancer, dancer, dancing, danced, etc...

You can use OR to combine synonyms or varient spellings when either term is appropriate for your topic

  • danc* OR choreograph* 
  • greece OR greek