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Morgan Ritchie-Baum

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Morgan Ritchie-Baum
251F Farrell Hall
Hi! My name is Morgan (she/her). I am here to help you with your business, economics, and related social science research. I can help you think through your research question/project as well as help you engage more fully and critically with Library and informational resources. My librarianship practice is informed by my liberal arts education, masters in Library and Information Studies, and diverse professional experiences working with minority and “main-street” entrepreneurs. As a white, cis-woman in a Library Faculty position at Wake Forest University, I am mindful of the privileged position I bring to interactions with students, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community. I continue to work toward a more inclusive and holistic view of our information landscape by embracing life-long learning, engaging with critical and feminist pedagogy, and continually working to integrate restorative awareness of my lived privilege into my everyday life and profession.

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