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Brand Audits & Marketing Plans: Secondary Resources

Resources to help you develop a brand audit or an annual marketing plan for a specific brand.

Using secondary information in a brand audit or marketing plan

When completing a Brand Audit and Marketing Plan you can utilize a number of similar sources to help inform your understanding of the company and related brands and, ultimately, develop a realistic and achievable marketing strategy. Often a combination of primary and secondary sources, we have highlighted relevant ZSR databases, texts, and research strategies to help you identify secondary information to inform both brand audits and marketing plans. 

It is highly likely you will utilize information found in these sources for multiple sections of your brand audit or marketing plan; for example, marketing research available in Mintel may help inform your brand assessmentsituation analysis (SWOT), as well as your market segmentation/target audience analysis (demographic/lifestyle information of average consumers).  To that end, we have organized these resources by the type of information (i.e. information about companies, industries, consumers, strategies, etc.) each resource excels at providing. 

Company and Industry Information

Company Information:

  • Company History
  • Products in the line [inventory]
  • Product Categories
  • Brand's mantra
  • Competitors

Don't forget to check out the company's website and their competitors' websites!

Consumer Information

Market & Product Research:

  • Brand awareness
  • Image of brand
  • Strengths & weaknesses of the brand
  • Position in the market


Strategy, Tactics, and Recommendations

Strategy, Tactics, and Recommendations

  • Marketing campaigns in adjacent industries/competitors 
  • SWOT analysis of parent company or competitors 
  • Case studies in category 

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