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FYS: Jerusalem the Holy: DVDs, Streaming Video, Images & Music

Finding Films in ZSR

The easiest way to locate both DVDs and streaming videos in ZSR is to use the Film Collection page, though you will still see films in the results of a regular catalog search.  Doing a search for "jerusalem" results in 216 DVDs and streaming films, including documentaries and news footage, such as this newsreel from the capture of Jerusalem by the British Army in 1917

Finding Images in ZSR

Use the ARTstor database to find images to use in your videos and presentations.  All images included in ARTstor have been rights-cleared so that they can be used at Wake Forest for any academic projects.

In ARTstor you will find a variety of types of images relating to Jerusalem:

  • historic photographs of buildings and people
  • contemporary photographs of buildings
  • archaeological artifacts
  • paintings, drawings, and prints with Jerusalem as a location or subject
  • maps
  • manuscripts

Finding Music in ZSR

The Smithsonian Global Sound database includes audio that can be clipped and inserted into presentations and projects.  Search for "islam" or "israel" to find relevant audio tracks.

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