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FYS: Jerusalem the Holy: Books

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Books about Jerusalem

Call Numbers

The majority of books you will need for this course will be shelved on Wilson 1, and will be concentrated in the the DS101-151 (Israel/Palestine history) and BM, BP, and BR-BX (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) sections.  Here are some more specific call number areas, use these to browse for topic ideas or to browse for titles you might have missed using other search techniques.

DS101-151- Israel (Palestine), The Jews

DS109- Jerusalem

DS109.25-.32- Temple Mount

DS109.32 R6- Dome of the Rock

DS109.4- Church of the Holy Sepulchre

DS109.9- General history

DS109.93-.95- History post 1917

DS119.7-Jewish-Arab relations, Arab-Israeli conflict- to 1993

DS119.76- Arab-Israeli conflict- from 1993

DS119.765- Al-Aqsa Intifada- 2000-

BM- Judaism

BM150-449- History

BM585-585..4- Controversial works against the Jews

BM590-591- Jewish works against Christianity and Islam

BM648- Apologetics

BP- Islam

BP50-68- History

BP169- Works against Islam and the Qur-an

BP170- Works in defense of Islam, Islamic apologetics

BP171-173- Relation of Islam to other religions

BR- Christianity

BR127- Relation of Christianity to other religions

BR130-133.5- Christian antiquities, archaeology

BR140-1500- History

BT- Christian doctrinal theology

BT1095-1255- Apologetics



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