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Managing and Preserving Research Data: Data Management Plans (DMPs)

What is a data management plan (DMP)?

Formal data management plans (DMPs) are increasingly required components of research grants. Each funding agency has its own specifications and guidelines for data management plans. Be sure to consult with your designated funding agency for specific rules. 

Most data management plans include, at minimum, the following components: 

1. Types of data 

2. Contextual details (metadata) needed to make data meaningful to others

3. Storage, Backup, and Security

4. Provisions for Protection/Privacy

5. Policies for re-use

6. Policies for access and sharing

7. Plan for archiving and preservation of access

For an example of a DMP designed for large-scale, publicly-funded research, see the Department of Energy's "Suggested Elements of an EERE Data Management Plan." 

Resources for creating a DMP

Although requirements vary widely depending on the granting agency, the following resources provide tools and guidelines for navigating the DMP process. 

ZSR Library Data Management Plan Assistance

ZSR's Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication (DISC) team can provide guidance and technical assistance in developing data management plans for your research project.

Contact Heather Barnes, Digital Curation Librarian, at for more information.