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Managing and Preserving Research Data: Managing Research Data: The FAIR Principles

FAIR data principles

Many funders now endorse the FAIR principles, which were published in 2016. Following FAIR principles ensures that research data is: 

Findable: The first step in making your data reusable is ensuring that it can be located. 

Accessible: Once someone has found your data, they need to know how they can get access to it. This may include authorization and/or authentication protocols. 

Interoperable: to make your data reusable, you should ensure that it can be 1) integrated with other data and  2) utilized by applications or workflows for analysis, storage, and processing.

Reusable: To maximize the potential reuse of your data, make sure you've described it using appropriate metadata. This helps support replication. 

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Notes on sources: Data management principles were modified from Foster Open Science open source workshop Managing and Sharing Research Data. The course is provided through a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0) and is freely available online:

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