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Managing and Preserving Research Data: Managing Research Data: The FAIR Principles

FAIR data principles

Many funders now endorse the FAIR principles, which have emerged in the scientific research and data curation communities as useful guidelines for managing data. Following FAIR principles will ensure that your research data is: 

Findable: The first step in making your data reusable is ensuring that it can be located. 

Accessible: Once someone has found your data, they need to know how they can get access to it. This may include authorization and/or authentication protocols. 

Interoperable: to make your data reusable, you should ensure that it can be 1) integrated with other data and  2) utilized by applications or workflows for analysis, storage, and processing.

Reusable: To maximize the potential reuse of your data, make sure you've described it using appropriate metadata. This helps support replication. 

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Notes on sources: Data management principles were modified from Foster Open Science open source workshop Managing and Sharing Research Data. The course is provided through a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0) and is freely available online: