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BEM 325 Consumer Behavior: Overview

Consumer Behavior Resources for Kenny Herbst's BEM 325 Course


Here you will find suggested resources for your team presentation in Professor Herbst's BEM 325 course.


Team Presentation Requirements


Your team will present on a product that you have decided to launch to compete with Halo Top. The presentation should be no more than 10 minutes (and no more than four slides -- not including the title slide). Each person on your team should have a speaking role in the presentation. 


In the presentation, please address the following questions:

1. Which of the databases (presented by Summer Krstevska or Morgan Ritchie-Baum) did you use?

2. What are the most prevalent consumer behavior trends in the traditional (i.e., dairy-based) ice cream market, and do they differ from those trends in the market in which Halo Top competes?

3. How will you take advantage of the trends in the less traditional frozen dessert/ice cream market and produce a consumer-focused product that is in line with these trends?

4. Which segment(s) did you target and why?

5. How did you uncover the segments that are present in the market?

6. How did you decide to position your new product, and which insights from the data did you glean to arrive at a position in the market?

7. Which tactics from class will you apply to the marketing of your new product?


Your grade will be determined by the extent to which you use multiple (at least three) databases (presented by Summer Krstevska or Morgan Ritchie-Baum) to answer the questions listed above, follow the directions/guidelines above, master the presentation (i.e., slides are proofread, an organized/orderly presentation is delivered, floor time is shared), and engage the audience (e.g., eye contact with your audience is made, your classmates’ questions are answered, and your classmates are generally involved throughout your team’s presentation).


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Summer Krstevska
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