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Exegesis Resources: Atla Scripture Search

Atla Scripture Search Video Tutorial

Scripture Searching

Within the Atla Religion Database, there is a useful option for locating research on a particular scripture chapter or verse.

Start on the main search page of the database, and click on the "Scriptures" link in the top left of the blue bar across the top of the page:


You will then see a list of biblical books in canonical order.  You can click on the name of the book to see all articles and books that have been associated with that biblical book, or click on "expand" next to the name of the book to get to the individual chapters of that book.  Once you are at the chapter level, you can again click on the specific chapter you are interested in, or you can click "expand" again to get to the individual verses of that chapter.


Clicking on either a specific chapter or verse will display books and articles that include that chapter or verse, even if it is part of the range of chapters or verses covered by a particular article or book.