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Exegesis Resources: Publishers

Why the publisher matters

In doing academic work, you want to make sure that the books and journals you are using have been edited to a rigorous scholarly standard.  One indication of this high standard is the publisher.  Besides commercial academic publishers (Routledge, Brill), there are publishers sponsored by scholarly associations (Society of Biblical Literature, National Association of Professors of Hebrew) and university presses (Yale, Oxford).  In the field of religious studies, there are also publishers with a specific theological perspective (Eerdmans, IVP) or that are sponsored by a denomination (Abingdon, Liturgical).  Denominational presses frequently have an academic division, as well as a division that publishes devotional, worship & liturgical, and denominational education resources.  Depending on your topic, make sure you are using resources from the appropriate arm of the press.

Being aware of the publisher or source of any resource you use is important when one is doing research in areas that may have perspectives that vary across denominations and religious traditions, or could be theologically contentious.  While publication by a denominational press does not necessarily mean that the author reflects the denomination's perspective, neither does publication by a commercial publisher mean that the author is free of a confessional perspective.  And neither of the above is disqualifying of the work as a resource.  Reviewing the preface, author's note, or initial footnote can help you understand the perspective of the author and their reasons for writing and researching in their area of interest, and help you discern whether the source is useful to your research or not.  

Publishers in Religious Studies

The following are reputable publishers who specialize in Religious Studies texts: