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Zotero is free, easy to use software that helps you save, manage, and cite research sources.

Connect to ZSR Library Full Text

Often you will collect resources that are not available in full text from the page from which you saved the item. However, it's easy to see if the item is available in full text from the ZSR Library. Just follow these instructions to get set up:

  • Go to your Zotero Preferences (Edit > Preferences in Windows, Zotero > Preferences in macOS)
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Click Search For Resolvers, and select the one that matches 

To see if the ZSR Library owns or subscribes to an item, select a specific item (book or article) in the central pane of your Zotero client. Then, select the Locate icon locate icon green arrow (the right pointing green arrow). From the Locate menu, choose Library Lookup. You should now be able to search the library’s catalog, submit an interlibrary loan request, or see the full text of the article if the library subscribes to the journal!

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