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About this Guide

ZSR Library subscribes to many more news sources than those listed below; the majority of these are accessible via the ZSR Library databases. This guide represents the news sources provided through ZSR that offer either website access, app access, and/or have options to receive daily news updates.

Having trouble with activating an account or gaining access? Contact us! 

Access to (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Chronicle of Higher Education - News | UMD Libraries

The ZSR Library has a site-wide license to The Chronicle. Access is controlled via IP range, so users will need to be on the campus network (on-campus) or sign in to campus VPN (off-campus). You can also create a Chronicle account to sign up for Chronicle newsletters, such as Academe Today. Note that some Chronicle articles and newsletters are restricted to subscribers.

Access to

The Economist - Wikipedia

Members of the WFU community do not have to create an Economist account in order to access content on Access is controlled via IP range, so users will need to be on the campus network (on-campus) or sign in to campus VPN (off-campus). 

Access to Financial Times (

Job Application for Manager - FT Strategies (Consulting) at Financial Times

Wake Forest University provides access to Users must create an account in order to be able to access subscription content. 

Follow these instructions to set up your account:

1. On the homepage, click on Sign In. 
2. To create your account, enter your WFU email address under Sign In, then click Next.
3. You will be prompted to sign in using SSO (Single-Sign On) to complete your account creation. 

4. Complete the registration form to finish setting up your account. 
5. Once your account has been created, for subsequent logins, you can click on the Sign in with Google option on the login page. 
6. After creating your account on the website, you can also use your WFU login to sign in to the FT app on a smartphone or tablet. 

Access to

Foreign Affairs Homepage

Members of the WFU community enjoy complimentary access to Foreign, including the archives from 1922-present. Access is controlled via IP range, so users will need to be on the campus network (on-campus) or sign in to campus VPN (off-campus). WFU community members do not have to create a Foreign Affairs account in order to access content.

Access to Latin America Advisor

The Inter-American Dialogue publishes the Latin America Advisor every weekday for scholars, government officials and informed business leaders invested in Latin America’s development and future.

Access is IP based so as long as you or are on campus or are off-campus using VPN, you have access through

Access to

National Journal

National Journal is a political research and advisory organization that gathers information to support political organizations, policy advocacy groups, campaigns, officials, and government agencies. It reports on races, fundraising, policy issues and more and our institutional subscription gets us access to a wide range of their online content. 

Access is IP based so as long as you or are on campus or are off-campus using VPN, you have access through

You do not have to have your own NJ account, but if you want one you can email our representative Jamie Lance ( and she will create one for you. Be sure to email her with your email so she knows you are a WFU community member. Having an account allows you to subscribe to newsletters and create a 'briefcase' of favorited articles.

The Daily has general news stories about what is happening in Government and The Hotline are news stories about elections specifically. 

The Daybook links to events happening in DC, on the Hill, in Think Tanks, etc. and provides the links to register or watch.  

Race Tracker is where you can go and follow races across the country - President, Congress, and Gubernatorial. Includes data on fundraising and spending and some poll data, too. Also includes links to stories that have been done about the race.

The Almanac provides deep information on all members of Congress, their issues, their committees, and their staff. It also lets you see information about their districts and states. 

Across the top line of content on their website, the only thing we do not have access to is the Presentations. 

Access to New York Review of Books

Home | The New York Review of Books

Members of the WFU community enjoy complimentary access to including the archives from 1963-present. Access is controlled via IP range, so users will need to be on the campus network (on-campus) or sign in to campus VPN (off-campus). WFU community members do not have to create an account in order to access content. 

Access to

NYT graphic promoting activating your free access

How to Sign Up for NYT Access through WFU

If you do not already have a account using your email address, use this link to Activate Your Access Today

If you already have an existing NYT account using your email address, you'll need to follow one of these steps before using the link above to activate your access through WFU.  

  • EXISTING registered subscribers with ACTIVE PAID subscriptions need to cancel their personal subscription by calling 800-698-4637 or chat with an agent on the site. You will see an “Access Unavailable” notice if you try to sign up without cancelling your existing subscription. NYT recommends waiting 24 hours after cancelling before trying to activate your access through WFU. 

  • EXISTING registered subscribers that DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE PAID NYT subscription can visit and click on "Already have an account "Log In". Input their email address and the same “Password” created for their previous account. If the subscriber encounters an error message that subscriber can email with

Our institutional subscription does not include the e-reader edition, NYT Cooking, or NYT Games (including the Crossword). More information about our NYT site license can be found here. 

Access to Triad Business Journal and Charlotte Business Journal

logo for Triad Business Journal

The Business Journals: Wake Forest University students, faculty and staff have full access to all 46 Business Journals across the American City Business Journals network including the Greensboro/Triad and the Charlotte

Business Journals. The Business Journals will compliment your text book learning with local Business News across 18 different industries locally and nationally, access to 40 Weekly Editions, 40 Books of Lists, Local & National Search Archives and much more!  To gain access, simply click on the Link below to “Start Your Free Membership” or Sign In for instant access with your or Email Address: 

Access all 46 Business Journals here:

Direct access to the Triad/Greensboro Business Journal:

Direct access to the Charlotte Business Journal:

Note: If you have an existing account with using your WFU email, you may need to reset your password to activate your access through WFU. 

Access to (Wall Street Journal)

Rice Subscription: The Wall Street Journal | Fondren Library

Current students, faculty and staff at Wake Forest University are eligible to sign up for access to the online Wall Street Journal (

To sign up for or renew an account:

  1. Log in to your WFU Google account using your WFU email address and password.
  2. To create a new account or renew an existing account, click:
  3. Use your email address when creating or renewing your account.
  4. You can log in to the Wall Street Journal on your computer, smartphone or tablet. To access the WSJ on a mobile device, download the WSJ app and log in. You can log in on multiple devices at the same time.
  5. All accounts will expire on their one year anniversary. To renew your account, simply repeat the steps above. 

Contact with any questions. 

Access to World Politics Review

World Politics Review provides uncompromising analysis of critical global trends to give its readers the context they need to have confidence in their decisionmaking. WPR is strictly nonpartisan with regard to political party affiliation or allegiance and has no animating political agenda.

Access is IP based so as long as you or are on campus or are off-campus using VPN, you have access through

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