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Jewish Studies

Call Numbers & Subject Headings


  • BM-Judaism
    • BM495-532-Rabbinical literature
      • BM497-509-Talmudic literature
      • BM510-518-Midrash
    • BM650-747-Practical Judaism
      • BM653-653.7-Congregations. Synagogues
      • BM660-679-Liturgy and ritual
      • BM723-729-Jewish way of life. Spiritual life. Mysticism. Personal religion. Moral theology
  • BS-The Bible
    • BS580-Individual Hebrew Bible characters
    • BS701-1830-The Hebrew Bible
      • BS1231-1371-Historical books (Genesis-Esther)
      • BS1411-1481-Poetic books (Job-Song of Solomon)
      • BS1511-1551-Prophetic books (Isaiah-Daniel)
      • BS1561-1671-Minor prophets (Hosea-Malachi)
      • BS1705-1830-Apocryphal books
  • DS101-151-History of Israel/Palestine

Reference Resources

Texts & Primary Sources

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