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Classics: New Testament (GRK 231)

Religion Databases

ATLA Religion Database
When you have a specific text in mind, ATLA is a very effective place to search. Look for the Scriptures link on the main page, then drill down to the text you need. You can specify at the book, chapter, or verse level. If you get too many foreign-language results, you can limit to English (or English/Greek) from the Advanced Search screen.

New Testament Abstracts
Another database for finding journal articles. Also offers Scripture searching.

Print Resources

Greek Dictionaries cluster in the PAs (i.e., the Greek language/literature section).

A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature
Reference Dept. Commentary Shelves PA881 B38 2000

Bible Commentaries are located in BS (i.e., the Bible/Christianity section). The most popular commentaries are located in a special section in the Reference Dept.

Anchor Bible
Reference Dept. Commentary Shelves BS192.2.A1 1964 .G3
A separate volume for (almost) every book in the Bible. Romans is v. 33 and Hebrews is v.36. Extensive commentaries and references to secondary literature for each passage.

Using the ZSR Catalog

The Library of Congress Subject Heading system used in the online catalog makes it easy to specify exactly what you're looking for when it comes to the Bible.

Examples of title searches. (Use when you want to find a text of the Bible.)
Bible. O.T. Greek.  - would retrieve the Septuagint
Bible. N.T. Greek. - would retrieve the Greek New Testament

When you want to find commentaries or criticisms of the Bible, you can look for a specific book like this in the Subject search:
Bible. N.T. Romans.
Bible. N.T. Romans. Commentaries.

Subject Guide

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