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Study of Religions Research Resources: First Peoples/Indigenous Studies

Online Scholarly Resources for Indigenous Studies

Online Reference Sources

Use reference sources, such as encyclopedias, to find background information on your topic, in additon to important dates, people, and locations.  Handbooks are also excellent resources, which give in depth discussions on multiple aspects of a topic or area of study.  

Other General Resources

Finding Scholarly Ebooks

Scholarly eBooks

You can locate scholarly ebooks through the library catalog.  As you start your search, think about what search terms you might use, and how you might construct your search to get the best results.  Using an "*" and OR in your search can help you find more useful results.  For example, medic*=medic, medics, medical, medicine, medicinal, etc...  You can use OR to combine medic* with other similar terms to get related results: medic* OR health* OR well*.  Limit your search to the library catalog, and your search results to available online to see the ebooks that are available.  See the results of the search below here.



Finding Schoarly Journal Articles

Scholarly Journal Articles

There are a number of databases that will contain article on native or indigenous studies, environmental studies, and health. 

As you are looking through your results, keep these criteria in mind to locate scholarly/peer-reviewed/academic journal articles:

  • at least 8-10 pages in length (may be slightly less for medical articles)
  • author is a professor, advanced researcher, doctor, or practitioner
  • the article is published in a scholarly journal
  • there is a bibliography appropriate to the length of the article (not five sources for a thirty page article)

Tribal Information

Tribal Resources

You can find great information from tribal sources on current news events, community iniatives, and local concerns. 

Below are examples of native government websites and newspapers.  Most tribal groups or regional confederations should have similar resources available online.  If a tribal news source doesn't exist, try searching for a newspaper, TV station, or radio station from a nearby city.