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Finding Music in ZSR Library: POPULAR MUSIC

Advanced Search recommended

The following illustrations show the "Advanced Search" in the library catalog. (On the Library's homepage, click "Catalog" then "Advanced Search" beside the search box.) Here, you can specify whether you're looking for a title, subject, etc.

Popular music

Specific songs can be searched by title. Or try using the strategy described for "Short works" under Classical Music.

Songwriters and performers can be searched as authors.


Specific genres

There are subject terms for the following:

Popular music

Popular songs

World music

World beat (Music)

Rock music

Country music

Bluegrass music

Blues (Music)

Rhythm and blues music

Big band music

Cajun music

Calypso (Music)

Celtic music

Contemporary Christian music

Disco music

Funk (Music)

Gospel music

Industrial music

Jingles (Advertising songs)

Klezmer music

Rap (Music)

Reggae (Music)

Salsa (Music)

Soul music

Swing (Music)

Western swing (Music)


          "rock music"   in   Subject

(Using quotation marks will search this subject term together as a phrase.)


Specific time periods

To the subject terms above, you can add the decade:

Popular music

Popular music – 1931-1940

Popular music – 1941-1950


         country music 1981-1990    in   Subject


Specific places

Terms for the genres listed above can also be combined with a place name:

Bluegrass -- Kentucky

Rock music -- England -- Liverpool


         bluegrass kentucky   in   Subject


Related terms

Motion picture music

Television music

Radio music


See also topical music.          

Jazz and Blues

Specific works can be searched by title. Or try using the strategy described for "Short works" under Classical Music.

Composers and performers can be searched as authors.


Jazz for specific instruments

Try subject terms like these:

Trumpet music (Jazz)

Percussion music (Jazz)

Piano with jazz ensemble

Suites (Jazz ensemble)

Jazz vocals

Piano – Methods (Jazz)

Piano – Studies and exercises (Jazz)

Jazz -- Improvisation


         trumpet music jazz   in   Subject


Jazz of a specific time period

Enter the subject term “Jazz”, then the decade:


         jazz 1961 1970   in   Subject


Jazz in a specific place

Use  subject terms like these:

Jazz -- Louisana -- New Orleans

Jazz -- Illinois -- Chicago

Jazz-- France


         jazz chicago   in   Subject


Specific jazz genres

There are also subject terms for:

Big band music

Boogie woogie (Music)

Bop (Music)

Cool jazz

Dixieland music

Free jazz

Jazz-rock (Music)

Latin jazz

Third stream (Music)

Swing (Music)

Western swing (Music)




Subject terms for blues work similarly to those for jazz. You can search blues music for a specific instrument, time, or place:

Blues (Music)

Harmonica music (Blues)

Electric guitar music (Blues)

Blues (Music) -- 1931-1940

Blues (Music) -- Mississippi -- Delta (Region)


There are subject terms for these blues genres:

Blues-rock music

Boogie woogie (Music)

Rhythm and blues music

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