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FYS: The Art of Scientific Communication: Welcome


Welcome to The Art of Scientific Communication (FYS) Course Guide! 

What's in it for you:

Use the tabs at the top of this page to learn how to: 

  • identify source types found in library databases (Source Types),
  • build a search string using keywords and database tools (Search Techniques),
  • find science-specific databases and undergraduate research journals (Where to Search)
  • get more information on database specifics (Database Navigation & Tutorials)
  • view information and tools to help you with scientific writing (Scientific Papers, Writing & Presentations)
  • AND learn about documenting references and using citations management tools (Scientific Citations).

Be sure to check out the Zotero links (to the LEFT) in the More from ZSR box. 

Remember to Email ME or schedule an appointment (to the RIGHT) with questions! 

Library Presentation - Spring 2024

To access the library presentation from Tuesday, January 23, click BELOW: 


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