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EGR 212, Transport Phenomena: Additional Information

The intersection of AI, data science, and information literacy

This is a quick Techsmith Capture video on how to export a BIB (BIBTex) file from into Research Rabbit in order to expand your results and find additional research papers.

Quick Start Videos and Additional Training

A quick start video for the product/database along with additional training/webinars are included below for Primo, AccessEngineering, Innovation Q Plus, Engineering Workbench, SciFinder-n, and Web of Science.


The ZSR Library's YouTube channel has a playlist for Primo at covering a basic search and a detailed overview of the product.


Innovation Q Plus

Engineering Workbench


Topics covered:

      • Getting Started
      • Substance Searching
      • Reaction Searching
      • Reference Searching
      • Patent Searching
      • Biosequence Searching

Web of Science

Additonal Resources

Quick Tip: Google Scholar

When using Google Scholar, you can connect to the Wake Forest Library in the Settings to link to the full-text of an article.  Instructions and a video are below:

  • In Google Scholar, click on the three horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner.
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Library Links
  • Search for "wake forest".  Wake Forest University - ViewIt@WFU will be selected.
  • Click on the Save button
  • Video: 

Have you only found 1 paper?

If you only found 1 paper and need more, you can also use Inciteful.XYZ.  Inciteful.XYZ will find additional papers based off that one paper that can be utilized for your research e.g. similar papers, most important papers in the graph, recent papers by the top 100 authors, the most important recent papers, top authors, and institutions.