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MLA 9th ed. Style Guide: Gov. Docs.

Government Documents

Government Publication Online

If the name of the author is different from the publisher, begin with the author's name.

Government Agency as the Publisher 

Rosenfeld, Richard. Documenting and Explaining the 2015 Homicide Rise: Research Directions. National Institute of Justice, Department of Justice, United States, June 2016,

Government Agency as the Author and Publisher on a Government  Web Site

If the name of the Web site is the same as the name of the publisher, the name of the publisher may be omitted.

“Natural Gas Extraction: Hydraulic Fracturing.” Environmental Protection Agency,  	27 Apr. 2016,

Congressional Document 

When a citation begins with a government agency as the author, start with the name of the government, followed by the name of the agency units and then the name of the agency, moving from largest to smallest entities. Congressional document citations may optionally include the number and session of Congress, the chamber, and the type and number of publication.

United States, Congress, House, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Government Publishing Office, 17 Apr. 2012, 112th Congress, 2nd Session, House Report 112-445.

Document from the Congressional Record

Refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for documenting many congressional publications. Please note that for congressional materials, The Chicago Manual of Style follows Bluebook style. Italics are not used, the page number preceded by "H" or "S" for "House" or "Senate," the date in parentheses, identity of speaker in parentheses.

162 Cong. Rec. S5099-S5100 (daily ed. July 14, 2016) (statement of Mitch McConnell),