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ENG 175: Introduction to American Literature: Slave Narratives, Global and Local: Books + More

Dr. Farmer, Spring 2020

Making the Most of E-Books

  • Briefly look through the table of contents and/or indexes for relevant material for your paper.
  • Ebooks are full-text searchable, so search for specific keywords within the text to identify the most relevant sections for your research question. 
  • Read the introduction, forward, etc. to get a feel for the book's purpose and point of view. Sometimes the introduction to a complicated topic gives you enough of a summary to help you form your own thesis or structure your own paper. 
  • Take note of appendices that may contain maps, chronologies, etc. 
  • Use the bibliographies to point you to other secondary and primary sources.
  • If you're able, download the relevant chapters as PDFs so you can mark them up with notes, either digitally or by printing them out. 

ZSR Library Catalog

Use the library's online catalog to locate books, films, microfilm, and other materials in the library. Search by Author, Title, Subject, Call Number, or Keyword, or use the Advanced Search feature to combine these features. 

Books may serve as either primary or secondary sources, depending on the content and when they were written. Books may also contain references to primary source material in the text or in the bibliography. 

You can start with a keyword search to identify relevant items. From there, look at the subject headings used to describe that item to identify other potential items (click on the subject heading to see all other items that are tagged with that subject). 


Searching for ebooks 

To limit your search to only those books we have electronically, use the limiter on the right side of the screen to limit by format: 

screenshot of ebook format limiter

Selected ebooks

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