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Facts vs Opinions

Facts vs Opinions

Facts represent something that can be known and can be proven to be true or false.  Opinions are expressions of belief which may or may not be backed up by facts. Opinions also cannot be proven true or false.

To determine wether you are dealing with facts, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can the statement be proved or demonstrated? For example, by witnesses or documents?
  • Can you see it happen in practice?

To determine if you are dealing with opinions:

  • You see biased words (worst, good, worthless, ..)
  • You see qualifiers (always, likely, possibly, should, …)

Lateral Reading

One approach to source evaluation is called "lateral reading".  We would suggest that you give it a try! It involves searching the web for more information about the/a source. You will need to answer the following questions about the/a source and "look at it from the outside" to properly evaluate the source's credibility and whether it's information is fact or opinion.

  1. Who’s behind the information?
  2. What’s the evidence?
  3. What do other sources say?


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