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This research guide is designed for students doing research on the 1960s. If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to schedule a meeting with me or contact me at Some general searching tips are below! ~ Rosalind Tedford


  1. When searching for multiple-word phrases, putting them in quotation marks really helps you get better results! (i.e. "Gun control" "United States")
  2. When you use an * at the end of a root word, you get all possible endings to that word - i.e. econom* gives you results with economy, economic, and economics. 

US Statistical Sources

Getting Started with Background Sources

Multi-Book Background Databases

Before getting started with research, it is a good idea to start with some background and context to the issues you are investigating. The sources below will help you get to that information quickly.

Scholarly Journal Articles

These databases (listed in the order of likelihood they will be useful to you) will get you to news and scholarly journal articles on American government, public policy, and history. Be sure to include 'United States' as a search term as many of them are international in scope.

Primary Sources in Current American Politics

Congressional Sources
Executive Branch Sources 
Judicial Sources

Subject Guide

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