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POL 269-A: The 1960s: Primary Sources about the 1960s

Historical News Sources

Individual Titles

To see which individual titles we have, please visit our Find a Journal page and search on the title of the newspaper you are looking for. Below are some of the most requested historical newspapers but this by no means a complete list! 

Multi-Source News Databases

American History: Primary Sources


I have set up trials to the following databases but they will end on 10/28 so download any primary sources before then. All trials can be accessed from this link

History Vault Labor Priests Progressive Politics
History Vault Labor Unions in US, 1861-1974
History Vault Progressive Era La Follette Papers
History Vault Progressive Era Voices of Reform
History Vault Socialist Party of America Papers
History Vault Workers Labor Unions Amer Left
ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Leftist Newspapers and Periodicals
Socialist and Radical Periodicals

You can access your trial product(s) using this web address:

20th Century

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