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Finding musical works in the Library's catalog

Searching musical works in a library's catalog can be challenging, because they often have generic titles (like "symphony"), or are published in collections (songs often are), or it's not easy to think of subject terms for them.

The best search strategy often depends on the type of music you're looking for.

See the tabs above to select an appropriate search strategy.

Finding it on the shelf

Music materials are shelved in ZSR Library, in the Music Library, and in our offsite facility. The catalog record will indicate the location of specific items.

If an item is housed offsite, you'll find a link in the catalog record for requesting delivery. (We can deliver same day.)

If an item is available online, you'll find a link to it in the catalog record.


Browsing music: using call numbers

Browsing is also an important way of discovering additional resources. Knowing the call number ranges for subject areas or repertories that interest you can be useful for this purpose. See the links below for an outline of the Library of Congress classification system, which ZSR uses for its call numbers:

Browsing can be done either physically (looking at the shelves in a specific call-number range, or near the specific item you've come for), or virtually in the library's catalog.

Virtual browsing can be done several ways:

  • When you're in a catalog record, click on the call number. This will display similar items that have been classed under the same call number.
  • When you're in a catalog record, see the "Similar items" sidebar.
  • Already know the call number for a general subject area or repertory? When you're at the search box, select "Call Number," and enter your call number. This will display all our items that have been classed under that call number.


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