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Finding musical works in the Library's catalog

Searching musical works in a library's catalog can be challenging, because they often have generic titles (like "symphony"), or are published in collections (songs often are), or it's not easy to think of subject terms for them.

The best search strategy often depends on the type of music you're looking for.

See the tabs above to select an appropriate search strategy.

Finding it on the shelf

After you've located your desired work in the catalog, the next step is to determine where it's shelved in the Library's stacks (shelves).


Music books and scores

These are shelved  on the 1st floor of the Wilson Wing (in the basement, after you cross the central Atrium).



These are housed in the Music Library, Room M309 Scales Fine Arts Building (upper end of the building). Some scores are shelved here too.


LC Classification for music

Browsing (that is, looking at other items on the shelf near the specific item you've come for) is also an important way of discovering additional information. For purposes of browsing, it's helpful to know the call number ranges for the major subject areas within your discipline.

Click on the link below to see an outline of the Library of Congress classification system (which ZSR Library uses for its call numbers) for music:

Subject Guide

Leslie McCall