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Christianity Pre-1000: Home

Christianity Pre-1000

This guide focuses on resources for the Christian tradition before the year 1000, as well as historical and cultural sources for the context in which Christianity developed: the early Jewish and hellenistic Mediterranean worlds.  Additional related resources may also be found on the Divinity Research Resources, the Study of Religions Research Resources, and the Classics guides. 

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Kaeley McMahan

Reference Resource

Use reference resources to locate background information on your topic, including:

  • biographical information
  • definitions of terminology
  • historical context
  • geographical information
  • recommended sources to continue your research

Finding Scholarly Books

Take a look at this page for more information on searching the library catalog.

Browsing the main stacks on Wilson 1 for books is also a great search strategy.  Here are a few call number areas to focus on:

   BL700-820-Greek & Roman Religions
BM- Judaism

   BR60-67-Early Christian Literature
   BR160-275-Early & Medieval History

   BR195 W6-Women in the Early Church

BS-The Bible

BT-Doctrinal Theology

   BT109-115- Doctrine of the Trinity

BV-Practical Theology

DE-Greco-Roman World

DF501-649-Byzantine Empire

DS101-151-Israel/Palestine, The Jews

DS155-156-Asia Minor
PA- Greek & Latin Language & Literature
   PA3818-4505- Individual Greek authors, alphabetically
   PA6202-6971- Individual Latin authors, alphabetically
PJ4501-5192-Hebrew Language & Literature
PJ5201-5329.5-Aramaic Language & Literature
PJ5401-5809-Syriac Language & Literature

Finding Schoarly Journal Articles

Scholarly journal articles can be found through the bibliographies of the resources you have already found, as well as through ZSR databases.  See this page for how to evaluate whether an article is scholarly or not, and see below for a list of good databases.

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Finding Primary Sources

You will frequently find primary sources through the footnotes and citations of the books and articles you read.  ZSR also has a number of primary source databases of Greek and Latin texts that may be of use.

Scholarly Websites

There are many online scholarly projects that can help inform your research.  Make sure that you are looking for resources that are sponsored by:

  • libraries
  • scholarly associations
  • archives
  • museums
  • open access/online journals
  • universities/university departments

Below are a few examples of the types of resources that might be appropriate to use: