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Website Exercise

Review this website example.

Ask yourself:

  • Assuming relevance to your topic, would you use this source in your paper?
  • How old is this info?
  • What authority/credentials does the author present?
  • What might make you trust her?
  • Any reasons to distrust her?

Databases for Finding Articles

ZSR Homepage Search and Primo
A good place to start for many topics.

See Also: Site-wide Newspaper Access

New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and a few others. Directions for registering with your WFU email to gain direct access at the newspaper website or via an app.

Search Tips

Search Tips

Use * to cut off a word stem, e.g. travel* also retrieves travels, travelers etc.

Type the word AND (or use the second row) if you want to enter more than one word that is not an exact phrase. Example: travel* AND feminis*

Try limits by language of publication or date, or use the scholarly (peer reviewed) journals filter.

Search operators AND OR NOT must be ALL CAPS to work in the Homepage/Primo search.

Subject Guide

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