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Spanish Language and Literature: General Info

Databases for Finding Articles and Books

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    Good place to start when your topic is cross-disciplinary. Try using Spanish-language keywords to retrieve Spanish-language results.

Databases from Related Fields

Primary Texts and Films in Spanish

Spanish Dictionaries

Spanish dictionaries are shelved in PC — some in the Reference stacks; others in the Main Stacks. Besides basic dictionaries, specialty dictionaries cover topics like:

  • Regional varieties (e.g. Mexican Spanish)
  • Other Romance languages of Iberia (e.g. Catalan; see PH for Basque)
  • Historical and etymological dictionaries
  • Monolingual Spanish dictionaries
  • Slang dictionaries

Grammars and older dictionaries are in the Main Stacks in PC (Reynolds 5).

A few special-topic dictionaries are shelved in other places, e.g. scientific terms in the Science section. To browse the entire collection, search the catalog for

Search Tips

Watch out for variant spellings of names of works, characters, etc.

Example: An article about One Hundred Years of Solitude may use the title Cien años de soledad, even if the article is in English.

Use a * to cut off a word at its stem, e.g. Mexic* retrieves Mexico, Mexican, mexicana, etc.

Type the word AND (or use the second row) if you want to enter more than one word that is not an exact phrase.

If you can't use a star to search for spelling variants, use OR
quixote OR quijote

Special MLA Style Rules for Spanish

Subject Guide

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