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Research Guide for Spanish Art: Home

This guide is organized for WFU students studying abroad in Salamanca.

Getting Started

This research guide is for WFU students who are studying Spanish Art and Architecture while abroad in Salamanca.  Every effort has been made to highlight online resources, but inevitably there will be some resources that are only available in print.  Where possible, ZSR Delivers will scan print journal articles or book CHAPTERS for you. 
See this page for more about ZSR library services for WFU students who are abroad.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have, keeping in mind the time difference in regards to timely responses!


Kaeley McMahan

Research & Instruction Librarian
Art History, Theatre & Dance, Study of Religions, and the School of Divinity

Salamanca Images from ARTstor

Ebooks @ ZSR

Art & History Reference Sources

Oxford Art Online includes an article on the city of Salamanca. Look through the article for links to other entries in Oxford Art, such as the article on the artistic Churriguera family.  Each article also includes extensive bibliographies, which include links to the ZSR catalog and databases to see if you have access to the content.

Here is the very long entry on Spain.  Use the outline on the left to navigate to different topics, such as architecture, ceramics, or textiles.

These encyclopedias cover European history in general, but have many articles on regions of Spain, important events in Spanish history, and biographical entries on significant Spanish artists and politicians.

Finding Books

You should be able to access any ebooks from the ZSR catalog while you are in Salamanca by using your WFU login and password.  Below are links to a few relevant topical searches that are limited to ebooks in our collection.  You may want to do your own searches in the library catalog, depending on your topic.  You can always limit the results of your search to ebooks by using the panel on the right side of the results page.

When doing advanced searches, it can increase your results to include multiple terms that have similar meanings, separated by OR.  You can also use an asterisk * at the end of a word to get any variations in endings.  For example:

  • medieval OR "middle ages"
  • spain OR spanish OR iberia*
  • art* OR paint* OR architect* (art*= art, arts, artist, artists, artwork, artworks, etc..., paint*= paint, paints, painter, painters, painting, paintings, painted, etc...)
  • al-andalus OR andalusia

While we can't scan the entirety of any print books you might find, you can ask for individual chapters in books to be scanned for you, via the ZSR Delivers page.  Make sure that you indicate in the notes field that you are studying abroad and are not on campus.

Finding Journal Articles

There are several full-text databases that will help you locate scholarly journal articles on Spanish art and architecture.  Keep in mind that you will want to look for recent articles (probably post-1990), articles that are at least 8-10 pages, and articles that are written by a professor or researcher in the field.

You can use the same search strategies in these databases as you did in the library catalog.

Two good scholarly journals in this field are: