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Marketing Research: Resources

Resources for secondary market research through WFU's library

Secondary Market Research

Secondary market research is made up of information, data, and more that has been collected by someone else and analyzed to various extents. This research can come from educational, institutional, or commercial sources so it is imperative that you understand how the information was collected and analyzed, who is sharing the information now, and why they are sharing this information. Secondary market research can often be broken down further into information about the company, information about the market (which, when used this way, means the world or environment in which business is done), and information about the customer or consumer.  When combined with your own knowledge and insight - whether from primary research and/or experience - secondary market research can help further inform and inspire your own original analysis into a specific problem or situation.  

Company Research

Don't forget to check the company's website or review the company's web presence! 

Industry Research

Consumer Research

BEM 324 Activity [Fall 2023]


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Morgan Ritchie-Baum
251F Farrell Hall


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Summer Krstevska
251C Farrell Hall



Article databases can be used in all areas of market research. Use these article databases to search trends, strategies, current news, brands, products, consumers, and more. Key search terms will include company names, industry name, and target market characteristics. Suggested search strategies include:

  • marketing strategy" AND (industry or company or specific product/service)
  • "brand recognition" AND "industry name"
  • "brand engagement" AND ("product name" or "consumer segment" or "media platform")
  • ("brand reputation" OR "brand identification" OR "brand image") AND "insert brand name"
  • "brand loyalty" AND (insert product/service)
  • "brand influence" AND (insert specific product/service)
  • "online influence"
  • "marketing strategy"
  • "purchase influence"
  • "content strategy"
  • "brand messaging"
  • "brand positioning"
  • "consumer segment" AND "purchasing behavior"
  • "consumer segment" AND (attitudes OR preferences)