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Resources for secondary market research through WFU's library

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Multi-topic articles (trends, strategies, current news, brands, products, consumers, etc)

Search term suggestions:

  • "marketing strategy" AND (industry or company or specific product/service)
  • "brand recognition" AND "industry name"
  • "brand engagement" AND ("product name" or "consumer segment" or "media platform")
  • ("brand reputation" OR "brand identification" OR "brand image") AND "insert brand name"
  • "brand loyalty" AND (insert product/service)
  • "brand influence" AND (insert specific product/service)
  • "online influence"
  • "marketing strategy"
  • "purchase influence"
  • "content strategy"
  • "brand messaging"
  • "brand positioning"
  • "consumer segment" AND "purchasing behavior"
  • "consumer segment" AND (attitudes OR preferences)


Demographics + Psychographics & brands - Subscription-based

Demographics - Non-Subscription


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