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ANT 308: Archaeological Theory and Practice (Household Archaeology): Home

Spring 2024 - Dr. Jessica MacLellan


This guide is designed to orient you to resources and services available through ZSR Library that will enable you to be successful in Dr. MacLellan's ANT 308: Archaeological Theory and Practice (Household Archaeology) class. If you have any questions about the resources provided in this guide, please let one of us know! Email me or click on the "Meet with Me" button in one of our profiles to set up a personal research session.

Database Search Tips

Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to narrow or broaden your search and to exclude terms in your search.

  • AND – narrows a search (ex. media AND violence – both terms have to appear in articles for database to retrieve)
  • OR – broadens a search (ex. college OR university – articles with either term will be retrieved by database)
  • NOT – excludes terms in search (ex. bulimia NOT anorexia – articles with only the term bulimia will be retrieved by database)


Truncation - Use the * (asterisk symbol) to search for variations of the root of a word (e.g. wom* - will retrieve search results with woman, women, womanly, womanhood)


Exact phrase - Use quotation marks around a phrase to retrieve results that include the exact phrase (e.g. "Nazca lines" or "Kennewick Man".


Use the built-in database filters to limit your search results! - Most interfaces let you limit by publication date, subject, format and more. These features will help you hone your search strategy to find the most relevant sources!

Call Numbers

Books on the same topic are shelved together, so it can be a useful search technique to just browse the book shelves and see what you find!  Here are some general call number areas to get you started.  See this page for the locations of each call number section.

DG70 P7-Pompeii

DT56.8-69.5-Egyptian Archaeology

E51-73-Pre-Columbian North America

E75-99-Indigenous People of North America

E99-Tribal Groups (alphabetical)

F1218.5-1221-Mexico-Indigenous Culture

F1435-1435.3-Mayan Culture

F1545-1545.3-Costa Rica-Indigenous Culture

F3429-3430.1-Peru-Indigenous Culture

GN406-442-Material Culture-food, shelter, fire, tools, etc...

GT165-476-Houses and Dwellings

GT495-499-Human Body ad Personal Grooming

GT2400-3390.5-Customes Relative to Private Life

Finding Background Information on One's Research Topic

Encyclopedias, Handbooks, & Reference Works

Subject specific encyclopedias and handbooks are a good starting point for researching a topic. The articles or chapters contained within are typically written by scholars or experts in the field. Using them at the beginning of one's research can help in determining key terms to use in searching the library's catalog and databases. A bibliography containing citations for books and/or journal articles can often be found at the end of articles or chapters in subject specific encyclopedias and handbooks, and these citations can be used to identify other sources on one's topic.

Databases - General & Subject

Subject Guide

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Subject Guide

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