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This research guide is designed for students doing research in Environmental Politics. If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to contact me at Rosalind Tedford

Search tips:

  • Phrase Searching: "Climate Change" (use quotes whenever you search a phrase for better results)

  • "Water Policy" Israel (add in the country or region as a search term for more targeted results)

  • Econom* Recycling (truncate words with the * to include any ending - this would get you economY and economIC) 

  • Ecotourism (the more specific you can be with your terms the better!) 

  • "Keystone Pipeline" (Proper nouns in quotes will always be more specific search terms) 

News Sources

NGOs, IGOs & Think Tanks

Use these links to search across multiple NGO, IGO, Think Tank and Research Organizations.

Policy Analysis and Web Sources

Policy analysis organizations will differ depending on your topic, but here are some places to start.

Getting Started with Background Sources

Before getting started with policy research, it is a good idea to start with some background and context to the issues you are investigating. The sources below will help you get to that information quickly.

Scholarly Journal Articles

These databases (listed in the order of likelihood they will be useful to you) will get you to news and scholarly journal articles on environmental and sustainability issues. Watch our short video on finding scholarly articles using our subject databases for tips and tricks. 

Data and Statistics

City-Level Data

Country-Level Data

Environment and Sustainability Organizations

Video Resources

Other Librarians for Consults

Roz Tedford: Politics and Int'l Affairs Liaison

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