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Comparative and International Politics: Background, Books, and Articles

This is a research guide for students doing research in Comparative and International Politics. This guide should be of use for students researching country information, international relations, comparative politics, democratization and more.


This research guide is designed for students doing research in either Comparative or International Politics. Here are some general search tips for use in Primo and in our subject databases: 

  • Use phrase searching for any two+ word topics: "Nelson Mandela" or "South Africa" or "resource curse" 
  • Use truncation (*) with words with multiple endings: 'Mexic*' will find 'Mexico' AND 'Mexican'. Econom* gets you economy, economics, economies, etc.
  • Be specific: A search for 'Hindu nationalism' is much better than one for 'authoritarianism'
  • Use the various ways of limiting a search that appear on your results screen - most interfaces let you limit by publication date, subject, format and more. Use these to narrow your results list as much as possible.

If you run into any problems, or need more assistance, don't hesitate to use the calendar to request a personal research session. If you cannot find a time when I am available, feel free to find a time on one of the other social science librarians' calendars


Use our search interface Primo to find content across all sorts of formats and disciplines. You can limit to books in the left column after you have done a search. For more information on how to use Primo - check out our playlist on YouTube.

Individual Country Information

Background Information Sourcs

If you need somewhere to begin your research, here are some of the best bets for finding context for your research topic!

Scholarly Journal Databases in Political Science (and related disciplines)

The databases below are the ones most frequently used by students doing political science research. The list starts with the politics-specific databases but also lists the many databases we have in related disciplines that often contain relevant sources. Politics is a very interdisciplinary thing, so looking at other databases is often very useful! 

Databases for General International Politics and Government 

Databases for International Military and Security Issues

Databases for International Policy and Issues 

Roz not available? Other librarians can help!

If Roz is not available to help, any of our Social Sciences Librarians can! Use this link to access a joint group calendar to find a time:

Social Science Librarians Group Calendar

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