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COM 370 + 360: Storytelling & the Entrepreneur: Home

Resources for Professor Gill's 'Storytelling & the Entrepreneur' in the US course


This guide contains resources for Professor Gill's 'Storytelling & The Entrepreneurcourse. Here you will find links to library resources where you can find articles to complete your literature review for your final paper. 

Final Paper Description

Final paper: Interviewing for and Analyzing the narratives and stories of entrepreneurs

Purpose: To apply the lens we have been exploring this semester to a “real world” example and
develop insight into how entrepreneurs might improve, modify, or craft consequential stories.

The general structure of the paper should be:
 Title page  
 Introduction, including thesis and preview of main points
Literature review, or overview of the approach and relevant concepts that
underpin your research question (you may use writing from your short projects)

 Methods discussion, including an overview of the data set and analytic process
 Presentation of findings, or the themes that you surfaced and examples of how
they match relevant concepts (that echo those in the literature review)
 Extended conclusion that draws out what is interesting or important about these
findings, including why they matter
 References  
 Appendices (as necessary)

Suggested Entrepreneurial Databases & Journals for Articles

Suggested search terms (for databases above or journals below):

  • storytelling OR narrative
  • entrepreneur*
  • [specific entrepreneur's name (if well known)]
  • identity (can get more specific and search for specific type of identity; "gender identity," "cultural identity," etc)
  • "qualitative research"

Suggested eBooks


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