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Resources for strategic internal analyses; Porters 5 Forces, SWOT, Value Chain & Strategic Resource

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Porter 5 Forces:

  • Substitute products, product switching, alternatives, consumer perceptions (of product)
    • (product) AND alternatives
    • "customer preference" OR "customer perceptions" AND (product)
  • Entry of new competitors, barriers to entry
    •  (industry) AND ("new entrant" OR "market entry")
  • Competitive Rivalry, market share
    • (industry) AND competition
  • Consumer bargaining power, switching costs, consumer demand
    • "customer demand" AND (industry) 
  • Supplier bargaining power, supply chain
    • (industry or company) AND (logistics OR production OR inventory OR manufacturing)
    • (company) AND (suppliers OR "supply chain")

SWOT Analysis:

  • Strengths & Weaknesses (skills & assets): technologies, skills, financial resources, capacity, resources, culture, information & communications technology, management resources
    • (Company) AND (technology OR innovation)
      • What does the company do well? Does it have a technological advantage? *external opportunities, i.e. a new market, is an opportunity not a strength
      • What does the company lack or not do well? Does the company have enough capital? Is there a lack of knowledge or innovation power? *Weaknesses should always be viewed in relation to competitors, if competitors are also performing poorly in the same area it's not a profound weakness
  • Opportunities & Threats: occur due to demographic, economic, technological, political, legal, social & cultural dynamic
    • Could the company benefit from technological developments, demographic changes taking place, or could demand for product/service increase as a result of a new partnership?
    • Are there changes in regulations, substitute technologies, 

Value Chain:

  • Infrastructure AND company
  • Human Resources Management: recruitment, hiring, training, development, retention, compensation AND company
  • Technological Development: r&d, innovation AND company
  • Procurement: sourcing of raw materials, components, equipment and services AND company
  • Inbound & Outbound Logistics: receiving, warehousing, inventory mgmt, distribution, packaging, sorting, shipping AND company
  • Operations: processes involved in turning raw materials and components into finished products AND company
  • Marketing & Sales: promotion, advertising, pricing strategy AND (company OR company product/service)
  • After-Sales Services: Installation, training, quality assurance, repair, customer service AND company

Strategic Resource Analysis:

  • Financial: funds, investors, investment, capital AND company
  • Human: demographics and skill-level AND company
  • Physical: buildings, office space, technology AND company
  • Intellectual: reputation, brand identity, engagement AND company

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