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REL390: Beyond Drinking the Kool-Aid: Jonestown after 40 Years: Finding Books & Films

Resource guide for Dr. Lynn Neal's Jonestown course.

Book & Film Resources

Call Numbers and Subject Headings

Book resources on The Peoples Temple, including both first-hand accounts and scholarly discussions, will be concentrated at BP605 P46, located on Wilson 1.

The following subject headings may also be useful for various aspects of your projects:

Jones, Jim>1931-1978

Peoples Temple



Violence>Religious Aspects

The following call number areas in ZSR will also be helpful places to browse:

  • E185.6: African-Americans and the Civil Rights Movement (Reynolds 7)
  • E841: social history of the US, 1960s (Reynolds 7)
  • HD1491 A3: cooperative/communal agriculture (Reynolds 8)
  • HD1761: history of American agriculture (Reynolds 8)
  • HN59: social movements and history, 1960-1980 (Reynolds 8)
  • RA: public aspects of medicine, healthcare, hospitals (Reynolds 1)


Sharing the Story

The following resources may be helpful as you think about transitioning the resources and first-hand accounts you have found into a visual format and a cohesive storyline.

Oral History>Methodologies

Social Sciences>Biographical Methods



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