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FRH 329: Introduction to Business French: News

Welcome to the research guide for FRH 329 Introduction to Business French with Prof. Amanda Vincent.


European Newstream  includes France 24, Le Monde Interactif, and Public Radio International (PRI)

  • Type 'France' in Location and click 'search'
  • You can also select for newspaper and wire feeds, statistics (scroll down under the document type section) as well as French for the language

Nexis Uni search a company name or a keyword in a wide range of news sources

  • Browse (word at top of screen) by Publication Type (or experiment with others)
  • Type 'France' in Countries
  • Select a topic if desired (e.g. General News or Business & Management)
  • Select a category like News or Industries & Markets (folder icon) and keep narrowing down to select subcategories and titles of interest (e.g. News, then Magazines & Journals, and then check all of interest like Le Point, L'Express, Le Figaro)
  • Click the red button OK- Continue and the filters you've selected are applied and you can do a keyword search



Le Monde (quotidien, publié le soir); voir la rubrique “Économie,” l’édition africaine

Pro tip -- some magazines and newspapers like this can be searched together for a topic in the LexisNexis Academic database (see the box just below)



TV5Monde (surtout JT éco):

France24: (Economie button on upper right)

France3: 19/20 : Journal national:

franceinfo: &




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