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FRH 329: Introduction to Business French: Find a French Company

Welcome to the research guide for FRH 329 Introduction to Business French with Prof. Amanda Vincent.

Build a List of Company Names

Identify French companies in one of these library databases using their 'build a list' tools.

Corporate Affiliations (to find companies headquarters located in a certain state or country with additional locations in France)

  • Click on 'Subscriber Tools' (found in menu bar)
  • Then, open the options under 'Company Search'
  • Press 'Advanced Search'
  • For the first criterion select 'parent state' or 'parent country'  and for the first value add the appropriate state or country
  • For the second criterion select 'country' and for the second value add 'France'
  • Press 'search'

MarketLine Advantage (for companies located in France)

  • Click on 'geographies' and then 'Europe'
  • Use the filters on the right-hand side and select 'France'
  • Scroll down below the industries category.
  • Across from the word Companies, click on 'view all'
  • You should now be looking at a list of companies
  • You can narrow the list using the filters at the top of the screen or on the right‚Äč

Hoover's Company Profiles (for companies located in France)

  • Click 'Advanced Search' under Business Market Research Collection
  • Type 'France' in Location
  • Select "Company Profile" under Document Type
  • Click 'search'
  • Under 'narrow results" on the left, use the options to define the parameters of your list
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