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ECN 270: Current Economic Issues: The Federal Reserve Bank

Prof. Whaples' class

The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank

The district banks of the Federal Reserve collect and present a wide array of regional economic statistics.  They are listed below.  Start with the St. Louis Fed and its databases, Fred, Alfred and Cassidi
  • Try the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta for data on the Southeast US
  • Look to Boston for New England's data
  • Look through the Chicago branch's site for midwest manufacturing data
  • At the Cleveland branch, you'll find data about the upper Great Lakes region, including detailed data about mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures.
  • The Dallas branch follows the states of Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico
  • At the site for the Kansas City branch, you'll find interest rates and other national level economic data.  Look in the left-hand tool bar for "Interest Rates" 
  • The Minneapolis Fed presents summary econmic data from "The Beige Book" for each district and the country from 1983 to the present.
  • The New York branch presents regional and national data, but it also has a thorough section of economic indicators for other countries.  Look in the left-hand menu bar for "Global Economy".  Then, scroll down until you see the link for "Global Economic Indicators", and use one of the 2 pull-down menus to select the county in which you're interested. 
  • Philadelphia's branch presents a wide variety of data for its region
  • See Richmond for mid-Atlantic states including North Carolina
  • Try St. Louis for CPI, PPI, unemployment statistics and much more.  Its databases called Fred and Fred II contain extensive national data.

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